Veronica Jane

Model, Actor


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Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Aug 2010
Age: 12
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 87
Shirt Size: 10
Dress Size: 10
Shoe Size: 5
Hair Color: dirty blond
Hair Length: shoulder
Eye Color: hazel
Multilingual: None
Texas Work Permit
California Work Permit
Coogan Account

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Halloween Model Portfolio Houston, Texas September 2022

Plus/Minus “BBQ Daughter” Screen Arcade/Wanuri Kahiu/Netflix
PWA PSA "Spokesperson" 2020 Pick With Austin, Inc.

Y:1883 First Class Passenger-Child Taylor Sheridan

L&O Fairy Tale Unit Ugly Duckling. North Texas Performing Arts Kerry Murdock
Freaky Friday “Torrey/Miss Time” North Texas Performing Arts Kaitlyn Wright
Seussical “JoJo” North Texas Performing Arts Kally Duncan
Willy Wonka “Grandma Josephine” NT Performing Arts Aaron Arroyo
Shrek Musical “Elf/Dwarf” North Texas Performing Arts Hannah Makepeace
Frozen "Bulda" North Texas Performing Arts Lindsey Lederer
Charlotte’s Web "Fern" North Texas Performing Arts Hannah Brewer
Disney Aladdin Kids "Iago". North Texas Performing Arts Hannah Brewer
Pirates Past Noon "Corey the Crab" North Texas Performing Arts Denver Danyla
101 Dalmatians Kids "Boxer" North Texas Performing Arts Denver Danyla
Sleeping Beauty Kids "Snow White" North Texas Performing Arts Hannah Stone

Masters 2 Caleb Pierce/Lydia Shock June 2021
Masters 1 Cathy Sullivan June 2021
Film 6 Caleb Pierce May 2021
Film 5 Lydia Shock/Cathy Sullivan February 2021
Film 4 Caleb Pierce/Lydia Shock August 2020
Intro to Stage Combat Mick McCormick June 2020
NTPA Harry Potter Sarah Akers June 2020
Film 2 Caleb Pierce/Lydia Shock May 2020
Film 3 Ben Sullivan April 2020
Film 1 Ben Sullivan February 2020
Premiere Program Practice Sessions Allyson Smith August ‘19 – Dec’19
Performing Arts Growth Essentials Denver Danyla November 2018
NTPA American Girl Donovan Lawson July 2018
NTPA Trolls Hannah Makepeace June 2018
NTPA Youth Theatre Christian Black Sept ‘17-Nov ‘17
NTPA Frozen Hannah Stone July 2017
NTPA Zootopia Christian Black May 2017

Other Skills
Tennis (2 years) Spanish Beginner Dancing (Tap, Lyrical, Ballet) 1 year
Soccer (5 years) Girl Scouts (6 years) Hip Hop Dance (3 years)
Voice Lessons (1 year) Ice Skating (2 years) Swimming (7 years)

North Texas Performing Arts AMP (Achievement for Memorable Performances) Award
July 2021 Outstanding Transformational Character in a Production for Jojo in Seussical
North Texas Perform Arts AMP (Achievement for Memorable Performances)-August 2020 Physical Acting in a Play for Fern in Charlotte’s W
North Texas Perform Arts AMP (Achievement for Memorable Performances)-April 2019
Outstanding Junior Actress in a Comedic Role in a Musical for “Iago” in Disney’s Aladdin Kids

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