Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is AM&T legitimate?
    Austin Models & Talent (AM&T) has been representing talent in the Central Texas area since 2004.  We are backed by a local reputation that is solid. We do not charge upfront fees and only profit by commission when we put our talent to work. We sell no classes, no photography, or printing. We only profit via commission on jobs that we secure for you.
  2. How do I apply for representation?
    To apply, please see the Talent Submission Guidelines. If you submit for representation, keep in mind that we receive many submissions. In most cases, we will only contact you if we are interested in discussing representation further with you. Please do not feel ignored if you do not hear back - we receive many submissions on a regular basis and it is difficult to respond to each unless we need additional information, or if we have interest in pursuing representation of you.
  3. Must I have professional photographs to apply?
    You will not stand a chance against professional models and actors if you do not have a professional quality headshot.
  4. Will it cost me anything?
    AM&T Agency charges no fees for representation other than a percentage of any jobs we find for you. You may, however, need to pay for professional photographs and/or acting lessons, but these things are not associated to us directly.  You may choose any photographer and/or recognized classes that you like.
  5. Are you a modeling or acting school?
    No. In fact, while some agencies also operate "schools" on the side, it is a clear conflict of interest for an agency to also be a school, or to make any "kick back" from schools or photographers. AM&T does none of these things. If we recommend specific training, it will be through industry professionals who are 100% independent of any business association with AM&T.
  6. What types of talent do you represent?
    We currently represent actors and commercial print models. We specialize in youth (children through teens), but do represent older talent as well. We do not represent babies.
  7. What ages or age ranges are you interested in?
    We are interested in talent of all ages, however, we generally do not represent any talent under the age of 5. We do represent, in some rare cases, individuals under the age of 5, but that is not common.
  8. Do I need to be 5'11" tall and waif thin to be represented by AM&T?
    Certainly not! Most of the work in our territories is theatrical and/or commercial in nature. Therefore, we are looking for talent in a large variety of sizes, ages, and looks. The waif look is really only a requirement for high fashion modeling. There are other agencies in Austin that specialize in that style and look. AM&T is more commercial based in nature.
  9. Were are you located and what territory do you represent?
    We are located in Round Rock, though the majority of our communication and business is conducted by phone and electronic email. We have no other locations, but we do represent the areas in, between, and around Austin. We accept job requests in other cities as well and do have talent signed with us who reside in other cities (such as San Antonio, Waco, Houston, Dallas, etc.). Our primary market is the Austin area (thereby the name, "Austin" Models & Talent). Our talent members and parents are very involved and often help pass news along, tips, assistance, and other valuable things as part of the "agency family."
  10. If I already have an agent for another city, can you represent me in your territory?
    No.  You may only have one agent for the Austin area.
  11. Does signing with the Agency promise or guarantee me work?
    No. There are many factors that can cause success (or lack thereof) including talent, dedication and drive, market needs, and plain luck. As AM&T does not receive anything unless we find you work, however, we are certainly motivated to work hard for you. Agents do not obtain work for their talent; they obtain them opportunities and auditions. The talent needs to have the skills to land the roles with their experience or abilities and looks.
  12. What if I sign and I get a different offer or decide I no longer want representation?
    Currently, all our contracts include a thirty-day, no-fault "out" clause. Because we are selective in who we sign, we are more focused on the individuals in our agency. If you feel there are other opportunities that are better suited to you, we will fully support your decision and cancel our agreement for you. In many cases, we will even waive the 30-day-notice, unless we currently have a client reviewing you for potential work. We will even help you with your transition to your new agency, including helping with new photos if your new agency needs anything specific.
  13. I don't live in Texas. Will you represent me?
    Probably not, but we can make some exceptions. We find jobs in our specific territories, and our clients are generally not willing to pay for travel expenses. Unless you have a very well established name or are willing to travel to auditions and jobs at your own expense (at very short notice), it is not viable to live outside Texas and be represented by AM&T. When/if you move to Texas, we welcome your application for representation by AM&T.
  14. I have mailed or emailed you my photo and still have not heard anything. When will I hear back?
    Due to the volume of submissions that we receive, expect several weeks before you hear back from us.  If we are not currently interested, we will not reply.  In that situation, you are welcome to re-submit every 6 months, since our needs do change over time.