LaTeace Towns - Cuellar



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Location(s): Houston
Gender: Female
Age: 36-42
Height: 5' 8
Weight: 140
Chest: 32 d
Waist: 28
Hips: 40
Shirt Size: Med 8
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 8 1/2 narr
Inseam: 32
Union Status: SAG, AFTRA
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Multilingual: None

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Modeled in the past

18 years to date

Charlie’s Gift Erika/Support Four Triad Prod/Duane Journey
Ice Cream Truck Katie/Support Look at me Films/Megan Freels
The Day Kelly Springs Wyatt/lead Storm Prod. /Lakisha R. Lemons
Django Unchained Cleo/Support Weinstein Co/Quentin Tarantino
The Mechanic Laras Girl 2/Support Millennium Films/Simon West
Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out Tameka/ Support I.D.K. Productions/Eboni Knight
After School Special Alecia/Lead Storm Productions/Lakisha R.Lemons
Kings of The Evening Snazzy Lady/Support Picture Perfect Pictures/Andrew Jones
World Enforcement Team Bianca/Lead Sturghill Productions/Nick Sturghill
Postmortem Jillian/Lead Stagefright Prod/Jason McCobb
Heart Logic Jennifer/Lead Deuces Wild Ent/David Angelo
Take My Hand Allyson/Lead Sean Allen Prod/Sean Allen
About Us Stacy/Lead Youngblood Prod/Jason Stevens
The Fourth Wall Woman/Lead Galactic Productions/Laura McFall
Tailgating Angeline/Support Tailormade Films/Brian Miller
Kung Pao Chicken Anna/Support Chopstix Ent/Hung Don
Taking the Turf Carol/Support Reforger Prod/Ismael Valentin
Out of Touch Jenni/Support OUT Productions/Jonathan Antin
Sin Kaitlin/Support ADV Films/Steven Foster

Voice Over

Actors Anonymous Sabrina/Starring Sleep On It Prod/Marilyn Swick
Hollywood Hills. Jinelle/Starring. Storm Prod/Lakisha R. Lemons
Wildfire. Woman/mix race/Guest Star ABC Family/Rob Thompson
Inside The Loop Georgia/Starring I.T.L. Productions/Allen Haff
College Days Allison/Starring World Class Films/Roni Burks
Letters From My Ex Anne/Co-Star Symposium/UPN/David Jeffries
Comedy Workout Delicious/Co-Star Firefly Productions/Lance Virgil Williams
Hell Swarm Connie/Guest Star Charter Films/UPN/Tim Matheson
At Any Cost Juliette/Guest Star Charter Films/VH1/Charles Winkler

The Boundary Agent White Malinda L. Beckham
Voices In The Woodwork Green Grass Turned Brown Cheryl Tanner/Jordyn Lorenz

18 years of training. Including Playhouse West in Los Angeles under Jeff Goldblum

Advanced Film Acting
Eleese Lester
Jeff Goldblum /S. Barnes
Authentic Communication
Playhouse West
Acting for Daytime Dramas
Gwen Hillier /Brad Maule
TVI Actors Studio
Acting for Camera
Toni Cobb Brock/Sally Allen
TCB Casting
On Camera Technique
Jack Turnbull
Acting Full Time
Hollywood Group
Elephant In Line Theatre
Character Breakdown
Marnie Saitta
TVI Actors Studio/CBS
Independent Movies
Di Matteo & Long
TVI Actors Studio
Tara Johnson
TVI Actors Studio
The Business
Joe Reich
Jack Gervan
The Comedy Station
The Natural Act
Price Hall
REPertory Films
On Camera Commercial , TV , Film
Tom Logan
Tom Logan Seminar
Advanced Acting
Lee Stringer/Kim Terry
Kim Terry

Other Skills
Acting Coach, Casting, Voiceover, Improvisation, Communication Coach, Cooking, Hiking, Firearms, Bike Riding, Weight Training, Pilates, New York and Southern Dialects, Love/Sex and Relationship Columnist, Relationship Expert on Great Day Houston

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