Animal Talent


Location(s): Austin
Gender: Male
Weight: 30 lbs
Hair Color: Cream/apricot
Eye Color: Brown

Model & Commercial Print Experience
  • Print Ads - Kisqali (pharmaceutical - prescription medication for metastatic breast cancer)
  • Library poster dog for Barton Creek Elementary’s “Paws for Books” Fair
  • Instagram is @echothedoodledogmodel

  • Film
  • “Kelly Barkson” - Star (as Kelly Barkson) - Sophia Lofredda (director)

  • Training
  • Karma Dog Training

  • Other Skills
    Echo is a medium-sized Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle and knows basic commands (sit, stay, fetch, shake, up, down, come). He is compliant, poses well and will wear clothing/accessories. Echo is 2 years old and is gentle, has an overall submissive disposition and seldom barks. He looks more like a poodle right after grooming and more like a sheep dog when he has gone more than two months without grooming, so his look is versatile depending on fur length. He can even pass for a girl. Echo has an ultra soft, non-shedding coat and somewhat resembles Barkley from Sesame Street with his unique parti-markings. He looks like a stuffed animal but with a very knowing gaze. Echo is great with adults, kids and other dogs. He is a compliment and attention magnet, a true joy to behold.

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