Animal Talent


Gender: Male
Weight: 24
Hair Color: red w/white
Hair Length: double coated short
Eye Color: brown
Multilingual: Japanese

Other Skills
Breed: Shiba-Inu

  • Gets along with people and small crowds
  • Gets along with young children
  • Likes to play with doggy toys
  • Okay riding in car

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lay Down
  • Come
  • Speak
  • Leave it
  • Give me

    Basic Commands: Sit, Stay, Speak, Shake, Lay
    Bang!: Shoot finger gun and he falls to his side
    Are you a Good Boy?: Responds with a bark

    Taisho is a very mellow Shiba Inu with a herding instinct. He is a former rescue who lived outside for about 18 months, so he's become a home body and a love junkie. He loves people but is scared of other dogs. He is fine with cats. Taisho is a very gentle and sweet boy who will sit next to anyone who will pet him continuously. Once the petting is over, he will leave. He is not food motivated and does tricks when he feels like it or wants the treat. Otherwise, he will walk away.

    Please note: Shiba Inus are not typical dogs in that they are not people pleasers. They are quirky, unique, and very independent. Of the three shibas in this family, Kaji is the most well behaved and trained. All three Shibas get along well.

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