Animal Talent


Gender: Male
Weight: 25
Hair Color: red w/white
Hair Length: double coated medium
Eye Color: brown

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Jamba Juice (Social Media Commercial and print)- Walked with "owner" holding a stuffed toy in his mouth. Dropped toy on command. Pawed at the owner's leg to get attention.

Other Skills
Breed: Shiba-Inu

  • Gets along with people and small crowds
  • Gets along with young children
  • Gets along with other dogs
  • Gets along with cats
  • Likes to play with doggy toys
  • Okay riding in car

  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Lay Down
  • Shake Hands
  • Give Me
  • Drop It
  • Leave It
  • Shake Hands
  • Bang!
  • Kiss
  • High Five
  • Speak

    Basic Commands: Sit, Stay, Speak, Shake, Lay
    Give Me: Brings item to you (toy, bowl, ball, papers, etc...)
    Bang!: Shoot finger gun and he falls to his side
    Give me Kiss: Kisses me on the nose
    Are you a Good Boy?: Responds by barking
    Turn Right/Left: Makes a circle in the direction pointed
    Jump: Jumps over things, or on top of things
    Can balance treats on nose and flick them in the air and eat them before they touch the ground

    Kaji is a very happy Shiba Inu with a strong herding instinct. He has done agility (level 4) and gets along well with other dogs, cats, little kids and adults. He does not like fireworks or gunshots. Although he can be off leash, his owner will not permit him to be off leash in unknown areas unless the area is closed in or has a fence around it.

    Please note: Shiba Inus are not typical dogs in that they are not people pleasers. They are quirky and unique. They often yelp instead of bark and are very independent. Of the three shibas in this family, Kaji is the most well behaved and trained. All three Shibas get along well.

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