Ava Shaw

Model, Actor


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Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Jun 2007
Age: 14
Height: 5'
Weight: 98 lbs
Shoe Size: 4
Hair Color: Light brown
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Color: Brown
Multilingual: French
Texas Work Permit

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Can-Am - Daughter - Chris Zamoscianyk
Stage Stores - Girl (10) - Erik Bechtol

Wrinkle (short) - Principal - Dir: Troy Shaw
Sironia - Extra - Dir: Brandon Dickerson

iMimic - iMimic - Chase Turnbow
Colorado Wildlife Council - Hiking Daughter - Dir: Scott Rice
Don't Litter! Help Us Keep Waco Green & Clean - Principal - Dir: Troy Shaw
Humane Society of Central Texas - Principal - Dir: Troy Shaw
McLennan County Library - Principal - Dir: Troy Shaw

G2K Cinderella - The Queen - Linda Haskett/Waco Children's Theatre 2018
101 Dalmatians Kids - Cruella De Vil - Linda Haskett/Waco Children's Theatre 2017
The Jungle Book - King Louie - Linda Haskett/Waco Children's Theatre 2016
The Lion King - Ensemble - Linda Haskett/Waco Children's Theatre 2016
All Shook Up - Ensemble - Linda Haskett/Waco Children's Theatre 2015
Annie - Ensemble - Linda Haskett/Waco Children's Theatre 2014

Brock, Allen, and Sepko - 2-Day Acting Intensive
Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Camera 1
Acting class with Actor Henry Carter
Improv class with Actor Henry Carter
Waco Children's Theatre - Summer Camp and Production

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