Model, Actor


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Gender: Female
Age: 18 and Over
Height: 5'4
Weight: 190
Chest: 42D
Waist: 32
Hips: 42
Shirt Size: 18
Dress Size: 18
Shoe Size: 8.5
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Blue
Multilingual: French, German

Model & Commercial Print Experience
  • CeCe Katalog, Sports Clothing Model, Ingo Neuhaus Photography
  • Nascar, Promo Model, Events & Promotions, Inc.
  • MasterCard, Brand Embassador, GC Marketing Group
  • Ford, Promo Model, GC Marketing Group
  • Nokia, Promo Model, Events & Promotions, Inc.
  • Lincoln Mercury, Promo Model, GC Marketing Group
  • Team in Training, Promo Model(several events), Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

  • "East Riverside", Francine (Supporting), Clifton Parker/Martini Get Down Production
  • "Final Fight", Mrs. Taylor (Supporting), Glen Bradley/Big Hit Films
  • "Chess Soup", Stalker Girl (Featured Extra)
  • "Fabian", Nicky (Supporting), Andy Stark/J. Fabian
  • "After Sundown", blonde Zombie (Supporting), Christopher Abrams/WindBlown Films
  • "Number 9", Nurse Betty (Supporting), Kevin Milligan/K.D.M. Films
  • "Dancing with Visions", Principal Garrison (Supporting), Kevin Milligan/K.D.M. Films
  • "Cycle of a Clown", Snow Cone Stand Patron (Featured Extra), No Lense Productions
  • "The Quiet", Hornets Fan (Extra), Burnt Orange Productions
  • "Hush Ya Mouth Down South", Audience Member (Featured Extra), DeeDee Gibson-Mooreland
  • "Pluck the Day", Traveler (Featured Extra), Bill Sebastian/Randy Williams
  • "Supercell Life Concert DVD", Devoted Fan (Featured Extra), Paul Burns/Supercell
  • "Veritas, Prince of Truth", Traveler (Extra), Twelfth Night Entertainment
  • "No Where Men", Office Girl (Featured Extra), Jason Pierce/Lovecraft Ltd.
  • "The King", Parishoner (Extra), James Marsh/Milo Addica
  • "Superfreaks, the movie", Neighbor (Featured Extra), Rob Dew/CSR Productions
  • "Hate Crime", Detective/Parishioner (Extra), Tommy Stoval/Pasidg Production
  • "I Won the Lottery", Office Girl (Featured Extra), Nathan Jacob/Coughmen Production

  • "Wilsonart Laminate Commerical", Concert Goer (Extra), Seepictures
  • "Dallas: Return to SF Ranch", Ballroom Guest (Extra), Henry Winkler/Chloe Productions, Inc.
  • "Movie Date" - Commercial, Date (Supporting), Two Point Six Productions

  • "In His Will", Kendra (Supporting), Mustardseed Theatrics
  • "Girl meets Girl", Glory (Lead), Caryn Horwitz
  • "In His Will", Kendra (Supporting), Step of Faith Players
  • "An Enchanted Evening", Nicole (Supporting), Backyard Productions (Musical)
  • "Amici", Marcus (Lead), Drama Class in HS (Latin Theatre)
  • "Schneewittchen", Dwarf and Friend (Supporting), Drama Class in HS (German Theatre)

  • PAG Organic Actors - ongoing on-camera training. Ken Farmer
  • Ongoing on-stage Actors Training, Kimberly Watson
  • The Extra Mile (Auditioning), Glenn Morshower, KD Studio Actors Conservatory
  • Associates in Science, Richland College, Dallas, TX
  • Speech, Richland College, Dallas, TX
  • Drama Class, Arnold Lederer, Gymnasium der Englischen Fraeulein, Bamberg, Germany

Other Skills
Fluent English and German; some French, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Danish; basketball, volleyball, running, bicycling, swimming, ballroom dancing, freestyle (hip hop, techno, dance music), tae-bo/martial arts, aerobics, jazz-dance, school choir (2 yrs), background singer for local band in Germany (1 yr)

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