Paris Thomas

Model, Actor, Promotions


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Gender: Female
Age: 18 and Over
Height: 5'7
Weight: 250
Chest: 43
Waist: 37.5
Hips: 49
Shirt Size: M/L
Dress Size: 14-16
Shoe Size: 8.5
Inseam: 31
Union Status: SAGe
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Brown

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Holiday Inn
SOL Beer
Credit Human
Auntie Anne's - Social media campaign
EdR Collegiate Housing
Dell Computers
Cotone Italian Clothing (Featured Model on Website)
Harcourt-Print (text books) -December 2008
Circus Mashimus Promo (SXSW)

Babylon - Teacher
Divine Access - Hippie

Community Coffee - Student
Home Away commercial - Principal
Moto GP commercial- Principal
Aspen Heights commercial- Principal
Microsoft - Mom
Google - Coworker
Zebra Eyewear - Party Guest
The Mrs. Music Video - Party guest
Chuck E Cheese's- Store Associate
Modelez Industrial Commercial- Featured
NBC's Revolution- Extra
Frost Bank Commercial- Extra
Verizon Wireless Web Commercial- Band Member
US Bank Industrial Commercial (Web)- Young Mom
Looxcie HD Camera Commercial- Extra
TLC's "Secret Princes" - Extra
Verizon Wireless Industrial- Extra
The Lying Game- Extra
The Lying Game episode 16 "Reservation for two"- Extra
Utah DABC Commercial- Extra
Featured (On-Screen) singer in Kleen Shave commerical 2010, d.Brad Smith, producer Kathryn Castellanos
Hyde Park Baptist Church Commerical (featured)

  • Toby (Toy captive)- Shoreline Christian Center, d. Richard Bowling
  • Good Woman of Schezwan (The third god)- Gerrell Moore Theatre, d. Michael Fisher
  • Little Shop of Horrors- Gerrell Moore Theatre, d. Michael Fisher

Explorer Acting (Scene Study) - Mona Lee / BriteLites Studio
Power Audtitioning Class -Jeff Curley
Austin Musical Theater Classes
Theatre Class - Michael Fisher
Act One Classes - Yyvonne Sanchez

Jazz/Hip hop- Joyce Willett

Guitar Lessons-Kim Perlak
Voice lessons -Julie Fiore
Piano lessons 9+ years- DeeAnne Paulson
Summer Piano Institute 2008 (Baylor University)
Adult Choir,mic'd vocalist, Shoreline Christian Center
Varsity Choir, Hendrickson High School

Other Skills
piano, voice, guitar, comedic qualities.

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