Becky Stinehour



Gender: Female
Age: 18 and Over
Multilingual: Spanish

Events/Charities include:
  • Benefit - Ronald McDonald House - 2007
  • Special Olympics - Round Rock, Texas - 2006
  • Operation Love Reunited - Fort Hood, Texas in 2008-2010

  • Clients include:
  • Cedar Crest Hospital & RTC - Belton, Texas
  • Horsin' Around, BLORA - Fort Hood, Texas
  • Marvel's Flowers, Killeen, Texas
  • Bluebonnet Realty, Killeen, Texas
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church, Killeen, Texas

  • Bell County Living Magazine (Bell County, Texas)
  • -2017 and 2018 (tear sheets available upon request)

  • Tex Appeal Magazine (Temple Daily Telegram, Texas)
  • -2017 and 2018 (tear sheets available upon request)

    Other Skills

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