Ricardo Blue

Model, Actor


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Gender: Male
Age: 18 and Over
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 180
Waist: 32
Shirt Size: M/L
Shoe Size: 10.5
Inseam: 32
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Brown

Red All Over Supporting lead Londyn Town Pictures
Giants Do Fall Feature His Strength Productions
Counter Lead Our Original Production
Price to Pay Supporting lead Spotlight Media Creations
Professional Lead Goodfellow Films

Dog Meets God Van Lonestar Productions Odds Ernie 10x10 Play Script Festival
School of the Americas Bolivian Soldier EDG Theatrical Production
The Beautiful La Salles Rafael The Ensemble Theater
Massacre, Sing to your Children Eliseo Alta Arts

Film Acting Academy Lee Stringer
On-Going Acting Class Crystal Martinez
Class Act Dallas Daniel Foster
Studio for Actors John Lansch