Marilyn Swick



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Gender: Female
Age: 18 and Over
Height: 5'7
Weight: 165
Chest: 42
Waist: 33
Hips: 45
Shirt Size: Large
Dress Size: 12
Shoe Size: 9
Inseam: 33
Union Status: SAG
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Blue
Multilingual: None

My B.F.F. Supporting Dir. Greg Carter
Playing God Supporting Dir. Scott Brignac
The Web of Eve Supporting Dir. Shedrick Cortez-Stokes
Man’s World Lead Dir. Sean Henderson
Charlie’s Gift Supporting Dir. Duane Journey
Good After Bad Supporting Dir. Anne-Marie Hess
The Dream Guy Lead Dir. Michael Chhay

Be Someone Recurring Dir.Ray Kahn
Season 1-Episodes 3 & 4

5th Ward Recurring AMC-Dir. Greg Carter
Season 2-Episode 7

What Would You Do Recurring ABC-Dir. John Quinones
Season 15-Episodes 3 & 4

Actor's Anonymous Lead Sleep On It Productions

Georgetown University BA Liberal Studies, Washington, DC

New York Film Academy Michael Laibson, Damon Shalit, Peter Stone,

Acting & Improvisation-NYFA: Zenon Kruszelnicki, Joe Osheroff, Bela Grushka, Suzanne Hevner, Jim Conlan

TV, Film, Music Production: Ben Wiggins, Peter Werner, Norman Schwartz. Sandra Adair, Joey Garza, Cathy Heller

Master Acting & Audition Classes: Larry Moss, Tim Phillips, James DuMont, Joseph Pearlman, Greg Kriek, Kyle Crand, Tom Todoroff. Lance E. Nichols, Jen Inguilli, Beverly Holloway, Amy Jo Berman, & Sarah Clark

Other Skills
COVID Compliance Officer, Vaccinated-Moderna 2021, Ear Prompter & Teleprompter Proficient. Accomplished English & Western Equestrian, Snorkel, Scuba, Two-Step, Waltz, Line-Dance, Bicycle, Horse & Dog Trainer, Swimming, Sailing, Fishing, Boating, Yoga, Flute, Singer (Alto), Medical Equipment & Experience, Southern & Midwest Accent. Works local in Atlanta, Boston, Burbank, Houston, & NYC.

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