Animal Talent


Gender: Male
Weight: 70
Hair Color: Gold
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Brown

Other Skills
Marley is a 6 year old Golden Retriever with a heart of gold. He is quiet, listens to commands, poses well, and is submissive. He is fantastic with adults, other animals, and children of all ages. Marley is wonderful at sensing moods and adapts his behavior accordingly. While he lived in London, Marley acted as therapy dog at the University of Sussex and would be brought on campus - where he often attended classes or laid out in the courtyard - to help calm students during stressful exam times. He isn't afraid of vehicles, boats, planes, or large equipment; in fact, he's usually very curious about anything he hasn't encountered before.

He loves being the center of attention and tends to win over everyone with his soulful gaze.

His hobbies include playing with tennis balls, cuddling with his stuffed log, and saying hello to every human he sees.

COMMANDS: Sit, Stay, Shake, Down, Come, Rollover, Wait

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