Marc Abramson

Model, Actor


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Location(s): Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Louisiana, Los Angeles
Gender: Male
Age: 60-75
Height: 5'5
Weight: 165
Chest: 44
Waist: 35
Shirt Size: 16.5 x 32
Shoe Size: 8.5-9
Inseam: 29
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: short
Eye Color: Blue
Multilingual: None

Model & Commercial Print Experience
United Healthcare Baker Commerical

Job Hunt (student) Cain Jacob Folkerts

Pleading Guilty Attorney 20th Century Fox TV
Matador Attorney Woodridge Productions
Last Breath Mourner Columbia Student

RadioWorks-Houston Jim Conlan
RadioWorks studio Workshop-Houston John Wesley Downey

TV Commercial
United Healthcare Baker
Quality Dialysis Patient

Prelude To A Kiss Dr. Boyle Company On Stage
Wizard of OZ Uncle Henry Company On Stage
Things my Mother Taught Me Max Company On Stage
Frosty the Snowman Mr. Bucket Company On Stage
Club Morocco Torch Tangier Upstage
Moon over Buffalo Richard Upstage
Young Man from Atlanta Ted Company On Stage
Gypsy Uncle Jocko, Weber, Mr.Goldstone Pasadena Little Theatre
Happy Days Arnold Upstage
Rapunzel & The Frog Prince King Company On Stage
Frosty the Snowman Mr. Bucket Company On Stage
The Boys Next Door Mr. Klemper Jadlicka Performing Theatre
Between Us Wayne Second City-Chicago

Training (private) Lance I Nichols
Monologues (theatre) Sara Gaston
Acting Workshops Marilyn Swick
Odd Couple Oscar ActOne Studios
Picnic Howard ActOne Studios
Crimes of the Heart Doc ActOne Studios
Woolgatherer Cliff ActOne Studios
The Little Foxes Oscar ActOne Studios
Duck Variations George ActOne Studios

Improvisation All Levels Second City
Improvisation Advanced Level Second City
Improvisation for Actors All Levels Norm Holly, Tim O'Malley

Commercial Tech JoAnne Sylvestrak

Meisner Repetition-Technique Eileen Vorbach, Laura Strum

Other Skills
Horse Trainer
Voice Over
Multiple voices

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