Animal Talent


Gender: Male
Weight: 55lbs
Multilingual: None

professionally trained, titled in dock diving (DJ), titled in PSA/ protection sport association (PDC), as well as being Canine good citizen certified (CGC, CGCU, CGCA). Advanced obidience for IPO (BH).

Also trained as a trick dog.

Other Skills
Belgian Malinois (diluted blue) trained in Advanced obedience, heel, sit (distance), stay (distance), lay down (distance), recall, put head down, beg (sit and lift front legs off ground), stand (distance), stand tall (on hind legs), jump over objects, go under objects, through tunnels, hold object in mouth, walk with object in mouth, balance object on head, turn off light switch, open cabinet with knob, balance on objects, fetch (retrieve items), pick up items from floor, bark on command, tracking, swimming, jumping into water, retrieve from water, "police" (protection) type work including bite work (on command), jump up, Hug (people or other dogs) jump into arms. Kaiser is also friendly with all animals and people he has met.

here is a video of him

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