Animal Talent


Location(s): Austin, San Antonio
Gender: Male
Weight: 27
Hair Color: red w/white
Hair Length: double coated medium
Eye Color: brown

Other Skills
Basic Commands: Sit, Stay, Speak, Shake, Lay, Crawl
Bang!: Shoot finger gun and he falls to his side
Give me Kiss: Kisses me on the nose
Are you a Good Boy?: Responds with a bark
Turn Right/Left: Makes a circle in the direction pointed
Can balance treats on nose and flick them in the air and eat them before they touch the ground

Tatsu is a very quirky and happy Shiba Inu with a strong hunting instinct. He is a former rescue so he's a little shy around new people but warms up quickly with treats. He is best around women. Tatsu has a strong underbite, so his teeth show most of the time. His two bottom eye teeth have chipped (no exposed nerves so the vet did not recommend removing them) so he has a very mischievous look.

Please note: Shiba Inus are not typical dogs in that they are not people pleasers. They are quirky and unique. They often yelp instead of bark and are very independent. Of the three shibas in this family, Kaji is the most well behaved and trained. All three Shibas get along well.

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