Naomi Davis

Model, Actor, Singer, Dancer


Location(s): Austin
Gender: Female
Age: 14-17
Date of Birth: Nov 1996
Height: 5'5 7/8
Weight: 116
Chest: 33 in
Waist: 29 in
Hips: 36 in
Shirt Size: Small
Dress Size: Jr. 7
Shoe Size: 7 1/2
Inseam: 28 in
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Blue

Pick With Austin Webisode- Team Member -Pick With Austin/Austin Models and Talent Agency in accordance with Chokamoo productions

Scream To Prevent Suicide- Principal -Pick With Austin/PWA

"Annie"- Annie- Summit Christian Academy
"A Christmas Carol"- Street Urchin- Summit Christian Academy
"The Music Man"- Dancer- Summit Christian Academy
"Beauty and the Beast" Silly Girl Paula Summit Christian Academy
"Yes Virginia" Wife Summit Christian Academy
"Wizard of Oz" Lullaby League/Jitterbug Summit Christian

Harriet Greenspan Casting, Auditioning Workshop, Susan Putnam
XXI Century Entertainment, Monologue Workshop, Lance Camillo,
Daisy Ramos
LCP Fine Arts Academy, Voice/Improve, Molly Jorquesen,
Kalla Earsley

Other Skills
Acting, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Writing, Painting, Swimming,
Cheer-leading, Excellent memorization, Horse-back riding, Cosmetology, Set crew

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