Reese Merritt

Model, Actor


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Location(s): Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Louisiana, Los Angeles
Gender: Male
Age: 18-22
Height: 5 ' 11
Weight: 175
Waist: 35
Shirt Size: 16
Shoe Size: 10.5
Inseam: 34
Union Status: SAGe
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: short
Eye Color: Blue
Texas Work Permit
Coogan Account

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Back to School Runway Event-Lakeline Mall-Austin representing Dillards.
IMTA Runway event- New York
Talent Showcase - Orlando

* multi award-winning

Floyds Barbershop/ lead/ Jeff Holman/ UT Student Short
*[Killer Weed/ lead/ Gabe Evans/ UT Student Short
Secret at Arrow Lake/ Clifford/ Bonnie Orr/ Feature
Waiting Rooms/ Hunter/ Pantheon Prod./ Feature
Weight of the World/Ben/ Jenny Goddard/Short
*Love Bug / lead (Turtle)/ Kat Candler/Short
The Ashley Project/ Extra/ Scott Colquitt / Feature
Hula/ Featured Parade bike rider / Vicky Boone/ Feature
Recess/Featured/Brad Montesi, director/Indie Short
Pictures of Superheroes / Justin/Don Swaynos,director Kelly Williams/ Producer/ Feature Film
Cinema Six/ Featured Kid @ Box Office / Mark Potts and Cole Selix, Directors/Feature Film
Conspiracy High/ Trevor (co-lead)/Feature Film / Lee Bacak/Paula Johnson, Directors
Slash /featured/Clay Liford, Director
Prize / co-lead/ Brother, Amanda Yam, Director
Book of Joe/featured/Samantha Lopez, Director
SFX /featured/John Merriman/Kerri Lindo, Directors

- "My Generations"-ABC Television (extra)
- Connell Chevrolet - featured son- Time Warner Cable
- University of Texas/ESPN -featured(ongoing)
"Make a Change"/ featured kid/Georgia Napolitano,featured vocalist with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, benefiting 'A Glimmer of Hope' Foundation
["On To Me" for the band Ladylike featured boy/ Jonathan Gray, Director
[-"Just to See Her Smile"- for the band Mother Falcon

PSA (spoof) filmed for the Internet- "Uncles Day"/lead

The Geography Game Show (pilot)/self/Garry Cheney, producer

Bill White Democratic Campaign Commercial -"Rick Perry", Javier Bonafont/Miguel Alvarez, writer/director

ongoing - Pick With Austin, a State of Texas recognized non-profit charity for Suicide Prevention/featured spokesperson/Jeff Curley, Founder

PSA for Texas Education Agency "Ethics" - featured Football player/ AMS Pictures
PSA for Media Awareness Project-"Bullying" -Himself/Jesse Medeiros, Director

Back to the 50's - Elvis - Liberty Hill Theater
Dumble the Dinosaur - Dumble - Georgetown Palace Theater

Beginning Acting-Johnson Cooley
Body Language Techniques-Monique Fritz
Character Development-Justin Brown
Childrens Commercial Auditions-Tamara Jolain
Child Improv I & II- Tamara Jolain, Asaf Ronen
Improvisation Technique-David Cox
Acting for Film and Stage/Intermediate-Sally Allen
TV and Sitcom strategies-Toni Cobb Brock
Advanced Improv for Film-Jessica Arjet(MTM Studios)
Stage and Screen-Intermediate-Kids Acting Studio
On-Camera Acting-Anne Mulhall, CSA-LDI Casting
Advanced-It's About Acting, Barbara Brinkley
Cold Read/Acting Technique I & II-Paul Weber, CSA MGM Studios
Soap Opera Intensive Workshop-Bob Larson, CSA, ABC Studios
Show & Business, Acting Intense Workshop-Ricki Maslar, CSA, L.A.
Master's Acting Workshop(invitation only)-Ricki Maslar, CSA, L.A.
Pilot Season Prep Workshop (2) (Advanced and Masters)- Ricki Maslar, CSA, L.A./ K.C. Clyde, Actor
Master Class-Teen Acting technique-Studio E

Other Skills
Honor Student, Boy Scout, Honor Choir member, school band member (baritone),swimming, tennis, Israli military self defense, archery, canoeing, slingshot, bb gun, kickball, rollerblading,tubing,cycling, basketball,computer skills, excellent reading skills, expert with a Wii,DSiXL,xBox,Kinect; excellent knowledge of all things related to Video Games, I wear contacts, have great memorization skills, take direction really well, unwavering passion and dedication for acting and determined to succeed and help others along the way.


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