Isabel B.

Model, Actor, Promotions


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Location(s): Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Los Angeles
Gender: Female
Age: 29-35
Height: 5'8
Chest: 32
Waist: 26
Hips: 35
Shirt Size: S
Dress Size: 2
Shoe Size: 9
Union Status: SAGe
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Multilingual: Spanish
TABC Certified

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Commercial model, TX DFPS, Austin, TX August 2016
Commercial model, Cirrus Logic, Austin, TX, May 2016
Print model, Texas Mutual, Austin, TX, May 2016
Print model, Evodesk, Austin, TX, March 2016
SXSW Interactive @ TEN-X virtual agent, Austin, TX, March 2016
Runway model, Austin Bridal Fashion, Austin, TX, January 2016
Print model, Polycom, Austin, TX, July 2015
Print model, Guest-Tek, Austin, TX, April 2015
Print model, Walgreens, Austin, TX, December 2014
Print model, Home Depot, Austin, TX, November 2014
Print model, Boost Mobile, Austin, TX, October 2014
Print model, Belterra Homes, Austin, Tx, July 2014
Print model, HP, Houston, TX, January 2014
Promotional model for Imagery Gala, Austin, TX, September 2013
Promotional model for Wheaties, Tough Mudder, Austin, TX, March 2012
Hair model for Very Sexy Hair, Austin, Tx, September 2012
Promotional model for Formula 1 (SXSW), Austin, Tx, March 2011
Promotional model for Colgate, Austin, Tx, November 2010
Hair model/Runway for Paul Mitchell, Armstrong McCall World's Fair Austin, Tx, September 2010
Print model for Canadian Club Whiskey ad, Chicago, Il, December 2009
Hair model/Runway for Paul Mitchell, Chicago Midwest Beauty Show, March 2007
Hair model for Redken, Chicago Midwest Beauty Show, March 2006

JW Marriott-Web Video, April 2015
HEB-TV-Principal-Shooters Films USA, December 2013
Dell-Internet - Principal - Arts + Labor, July 2013
Chuck E. Cheese-TV/Web-Sugar Film Productions, June 2013
Montana Mikes - TV - Principal - Onion Creek Productions, May 2013
PM Nerds-Web Video, May 2016

Pronto Insurance "Namaste Mamacita" Mike Torres, April 2016
Conn's Home Plus "Yesstimonials" Paul Schneider, March 2016
KIA-"Forte Valuable Signatures" Principal-David & Goliath, May 2015
Wisewear-"Socialite"-Bourke Productions, March 2016
Conn's Home Plus-"A New Life" Principal-Chirp Films, September 2015
"Secret Princes" Season 2, Episode 5. Supporting - The Learning Channel (TLC) - 2013
Sears commercial "The Bet" November 2009

Improv 201-Merlin Works-Michael Joplin-2015
Improv 101-Zach Theater-Michael Joplin-2014
Runway Training-Butterfly Entertainment-Brianna Fleet-2015
Commercial Workshop-L.A. Standard-Carol Hickey-2013
Acting for Film-Paramount State School of Acting-Carol Hickey-2013
Beginning Acting- Paramount State School of Acting-Paula Russell-2012
Ultimate Auditioning Workshop - Jeff Curley - 2012
The Speaking Voice 101-Paramount State School of Acting-MJ Vandivier-2011

Other Skills
Running, weight lifting, Registered Yoga Teacher-200RYT, acroyoga, SUP yoga, basketball, kayaking, cycling, volleyball, swimming, boxing, ballet, gymnastics, drawing, painting, tutoring, Krav Maga, CHL holder, TABC certified, First aid & AED certified, aerial trapeze, jump rope, whistling, using chopsticks, gardening, and tree planting. Business professional experience. Fluent in Spanish. Valid U.S. & Mexican passport. Computer literate. Conversational in tech slang. Unfortunately, not in Klingon. Silly human tricks available upon request.

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