Animal Talent


Location(s): Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Louisiana, Los Angeles
Gender: Male
Weight: 20
Hair Color: Red/White
Hair Length: short
Eye Color: Hazel

Model & Commercial Print Experience
AM&T Test Shoot - Jeff Curley, Richard Bingham 08/10/08

Other Skills
Great with children and other animals
Knows Sit, Stay, Come
Can "Army Crawl" distances and under objects
Can Shake, Wave Bye-Bye, Roll Over, Play Dead
Can "wisper" (growl) and "speak" (bark) on command.
Dances on hind legs and spins simultaneously
Stands on hind legs
Walks forward and backward on hind legs
Can "Smile"
Can fetch and return items
Plays "Soccer" with large and small balls
Runs VERY fast
Very unique looking Boston Terrier

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