Addison Cousins

Model, Actor


Location(s): Austin
Gender: Female
Age: 6-10
Date of Birth: Jun 2010
Height: 4"1
Weight: 56 lbs.
Shirt Size: 7
Dress Size: 7
Shoe Size: 1
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Green

Model & Commercial Print Experience
CITGO / Principal Role (Print and Video) /The Buntin Group
Matilda Jane / Principal Role, Model (Print and Video)
Lili Lovebird / Featured on Zulilly

One Hand Clapping / Passenger on Plane / Director: Jerry Neal
The Casting Call / Child in Park / Director: Marilyn Swick
Bad Things / Student at School / Director: Mira K. Lippold

Dunkin Donuts / Child at School / WOW FILMS
Katz Deli / Daughter at Dinner / VISION FILMS
Typhoon Texas / Child at Waterpark / Bamboo Grove Creative

Other Skills
USAG Level 3 Gymnastics. Very athletic. Running, Jumping, Trampoline, Fishing. Takes direction well.

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