Moose Dyer

Animal Talent

Location(s): Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
Gender: Male
Weight: 30lbs
Hair Color: Tai-Colored (black, white, and brown)
Eye Color: Brown

Other Skills
Hello, my name is Moose and I am two years old. I am an Australian Cattle Dog mix and I love to follow sit and stay commands from my mommy or anyone willing to offer me a treat. I am so well behaved and have often been mistaken for a service dog, but mommy tells me this is a good thing and means I am a very good boy! I love posing for pictures and have beautiful ears that stick straight out. Children are my favorite but I don't get so excited that I scare the children away. I am also the perfect medium size dog rounding in at 30 pounds and my coat has beautiful colors. I have a talent when it comes to taking food out of peoples hands, I am very gentle when taking the food and do not snatch the food. I would be great in any commercial or print work.