Ashleigh Cousins

Model, Actor


Gender: Female
Age: 11-13
Date of Birth: Jul 2007
Height: 4'11
Weight: 80 lbs.
Shoe Size: 5
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Color: Hazel

Sydney's Revenge / Girl at Party / ENE Media
The Casting Call Child in Park / Director: Marilyn Swick
Bad Things / Student at School/ Director: Mira Johnson

Aaron's Furniture / Principal Role/ Liquid Sugar Films
Foster Care Adoption PSA / Supporting Role/Foster Child
Katz's Commercial / Daughter at Dinner / VISION FILMS
Credit Human / Daughter at Cookout / TEMPT FILMS
Typhoon Texas Waterpark / Child at Waterpark/Bamboo Grove Creative

Other Skills
Advanced Ballet, Jazz, Ice-skating, Sewing, Swimming, Fishing. Excellent verbal skills. British Accent. Works well with others and takes direction well.

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