Boo The Deaf Kitty

Animal Talent


Location(s): Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Louisiana
Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Medium coat

Model & Commercial Print Experience
Social media
#boothedeafkitty can be found on most social media sites with a large following

Leash trained

Other Skills
Turkish Angora mix rescue cat

Walks on leash
Well socialized
Gentle disposition
Enjoys being among lots of people
Enjoys watching lots of activity
Does not get frightened by loud noises

1007_20170514180541.jpg 1007_20170514163309.jpg 1007_20170514163235.jpg 1007_20170514163026.jpg
1007_20170514163000.jpg 1007_20170514162902.jpg 1007_20170514162827.jpg 1007_20170514162759.jpg
1007_20170514162734.jpg 1007_20170514162655.jpg 1007_20170514162623.jpg 1007_20170514162559.jpg
1007_20170514162527.jpg 1007_20170514162455.jpg 1007_20170514162422.jpg 1007_20170514162357.jpg
1007_20170514162319.jpg 1007_20170514162301.jpg 1007_20170514162224.jpg 1007_20170514162157.jpg
1007_20170514162116.jpg 1007_20170514161827.jpg 1007_20170514161729.jpg 1007_20170514161647.jpg